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If it's green or wiggles, it's biology.
If it stinks, it's chemistry.
If it doesn't work, it's physics.

- Murphy's Law Book Two.

Spray On Clothing now a Reality

By Charles Moffat - February 2012.

Fashion designer Manel Torres has developed the world's first spray-on fabric that can be worn, washed and worn again. It bears the potential to revolutionize how people make clothing and what they do with their old clothing. The fabric is very cold when it is sprayed on, a limitation that may frustrate hopes for spray-on pants and other garments, but the cold disappears quickly and the end result is clothing you can use again and again.

How did he do it?

The fashion designer joined forces with scientists at Imperial College London in the UK to invent the spray, which forms a seamless fabric on contact with the body. It takes 15 minutes to spray a t-shirt on to a torso, the fibres dry almost instantly and can be stretched, taken off, washed, worn again, and even re-used later to make a different t-shirt if the owner wishes.

How does it work?

The spray consists of short fibres that are mixed into a chemical solvent, allowing it to be sprayed from a can or high-pressure spray gun. The fibres are then mixed with polymers that bind them together to form a fabric. The texture of the fabric can be varied by using wool, linen or acrylic fibres (note that this means the fibres can come from recycled sources such as your old jeans, etc).

"I really wanted to make a futuristic, seamless, quick and comfortable material," says Torres. "In my quest to produce this kind of fabric, I ended up returning to the principles of the earliest textiles such as felt, which were also produced by taking fibres and finding a way of binding them together without having to weave or stitch them."

Torres teamed up with chemical engineer Paul Luckham to set up Fabrican Ltd, which will explore other applications ranging from spray-on bandages, hygiene wipes and upholstery for cars and furniture.

"The fashion application of spray-on fabric is a great way of advertising the concept, but we are also keen to work on new applications for the medical, transport and chemical industries," says Luckham. "For example, the spray-on fabric may be produced and kept in a sterilised can, which could be perfect for providing spray-on bandages without applying any pressure for soothing burnt skin, or delivering medicines directly to a wound."

Touchscreen is the Future

Touchscreen is the Future

There may come a time in the future when you go to your coffeemaker and instead of a dial or buttons, its a touchscreen. And it will be connected via WiFi to your morning schedule, so you have the option of making your coffee "automated" and set to start say 5 minutes before your morning alarm clock goes off (which will also have a touchscreen and 100+ different buzzer tones to choose from).

If you watch the Windows "Vision of the Future" video below you get a glimpse of what some of these technological innovations will look like.

That is of course assuming people want to adopt these innovations.

Touchscreen is the Future

You see its a problem of people predicting the future. Flying cars, subway trains that go down every neighbourhood block, robots washing our dishes and doing our laundry... they may sound great but often there is serious design flaws and other hurdles to jump over first.

Flying cars for example never got off the ground because they're too expensive and violated aerospace laws. People would still need a pilot's license to fly one. Subway train on every block is impractical in terms of infrastructure cost and would be an eyesore. And robots would probably break more dishes than they clean, and thus it would make more sense to just make a better dishwasher and the let the humans learn how to fill it.

But that doesn't mean we can't adopt bits of new technology to items which we can easily make better.

Take for example the digital camera or the TV remote. They've got a lot of buttons on them sometimes and people will often get confused about the settings and how to work them properly. A touchscreen camera or a touchscreen remote control does make a lot of sense. Indeed anything with lots of confusing buttons could be improved by having a touchscreen.

Now I say digital camera for a reason, because it just so happens we now have those. Often in the form of SmartPhones that have touchscreens and a camera built in. But we also now have better quality digital cameras which use touchscreens as well, like the Samsung SH100. (Its a bit of a bargain for $249.99 Canadian, but its got some nice stuff on it, including WiFi, a video mode, lots of handy options, etc. See our review at: Egad! Digital Cameras and Video Editing.) But hey that was 2011. It just keeps getting better and better.

So first satellite navigation devices, then SmartPhones, then tablet computers, now digital cameras, what is next?

Well TVs with touchscreens are already here. The CBC used a touchscreen television during the May 2nd 2011 Election broadcast to demonstrate what was happening in various MP ridings.

It wouldn't be a stretch to say computer monitors will be next. They already exist, but they haven't hit the mass market yet.

After that it will be everything from sewing machines to fridges, pianos to dance floors... the real danger is people developing "Gorilla Arms", a condition which causes arm, neck and shoulder pain and is the result of prolonged moving of arms in weird angles in an effort to reach the touchscreen.

Are you serious about getting the edge on your competition? Really?

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Some day in the future mankind will invent robots that can think. If they are truly intelligent then those robots will probably worship cats like the rest of us.

Searching for Scientific Utopia:
The Future of Scientific Advances, Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Inventions

By Charles Moffat - August 2009.

Think of all the scientific advances that are just out of reach. Or better yet, think of all the technology we already have, but we have yet to make it affordable.

Take cellphones for example. We've had the technology to make them since the 1960s, but they weren't really affordable or mass produced until the late 1990s. Now our cellphones come with a host of extra gadgets like a video camera, games, GPS, texting, internet access, music, radio and more.

But we have yet to invent a more powerful / longer lasting battery. Or maybe an alternative way to recharge the battery. Quite a few companies have come out with solar adapters for cell phones which people can either carry with them or leave in their car. Or better yet, a cell phone with its own solar cells.

Next lets discuss housing. We are still using the same building technology we've been using for hundreds of years. Wood, brick, mortar and cement. Depending on the building we also use steel and glass... and glass is a very good insulator. When it comes to housing it is all about insulation.

So what we need is a new kind of insulation, or we need to think backwards and build using more stone (which is a great insulator).

Food wise we now have genetically modified foods, although the growing trend is towards natural organic foods (without pesticides) that are grown in greenhouses and controlled environments. Which brings us back to building technology again. We need to be mass producing more greenhouses, especially in regions which have a shortage of locally grown food.

The world also has a growing shortage of fresh / clean water. So what we need is a way to cheaply distill / filter salt water and make water that is safe to drink. This technology could also be used to recycle water. After that its just a matter of transporting water to locations that need it.

Solar Cellphone

On top of this it would be nice to have more technology to conserve water. How about really tiny dishwashers? I think there is a market for a dishwasher about the size of a microwave, one that fits easily on the kitchen counter.

That covers food and water, but what about health care? Think of all the advances we've had in the last hundred years of medicine. Its safe to assume we will make a good portion more advances in the next 20 years.

Lets take AIDS medicine for example. Anti-retrovial medicine has reached a point where AIDS/HIV is basically cured, but the medicine is quite expensive. Over time however the price of those medicines should come down. Part of the problem is not scientific, but just plain greed. The American pharmaceutical industry is more worried about their stock value and trillion dollar profits than actually treating people.

Outside of medicine new techniques and procedures for curing ailments, surgeries and such are continuing to make improvements. The sad fact however is that many Americans lean towards the quick fix, when in reality what they really need is more exercise and proper diet. Not much can be done to prevent health problems if people don't take care of themselves in the first place.

Extending life span is also within our reach as tests on a variety of hormones like HGH (Human Growth Hormone) show promising signs of maintaining a person's youthful appearance and increases our recuperative abilities. We may soon find a combination of hormones or a drug which allows humans to live significantly longer.

Failing that we now have robotic hearts, robotic limbs and robotic technology is quickly becoming a global industry. Leading the way is Japan where they are already experimenting with robotic soldiers (Mechs), robotic massage parlours and robots for essentially every menial task. Imagine 20 years from now walking into a McDonalds that is 100% automated, voice activated and serves up the food faster than a human could ever do. (Which leaves us humans doing all the jobs which require creative, managerial or maintenance skills.)

Hydrogen Car

One of the biggest changes we will likely see will be in the automotive industry. Hydrogen cars are coming and within 10-15 years gasoline and diesel cars will be obsolete.

Along with that we can expect cars to get more complicated as GPS, computers, auto-pilot technology and other fancy bits become more common.

60 years ago the fastest road-legal car in the world was the Jaguar XK120. The 120 in the name was for its top speed of 120 mph (193 km/h). In 2009 the fastest road-legal car is the Gumpert Apollo Sport... The Ascari A10, Koenigsegg CCX TGW, Pagani Zonda F Roadster, Caterham Seven R500 and the Bugatti Veyron are arguably just as fast around a race track and collectively have top speeds of approx. 400 km/h (250 mph). What this tells us is that the top speed of road-legal cars has more than doubled in the last 60 years. So in the next 20 years we might expect a road-legal car to have a top speed of 677 km/h (421 mph).

We also should expect to see more variety on the road. Electric bicycles are becoming quite popular and more affordable. I also predict people buying GPS tracking with their bicycles to prevent theft. Right now bicycles are the most popular vehicle of transportation in the world, a total of approx. 1.5 billion bicycles. There is approx. 700 million cars, trucks, motorcycles and other automobiles on the road in 2009. By 2020 its estimated there will be 820 million automobiles.

A Russian company is currently working on a plane that is expected to replace the ol' British Concorde planes (only 20 were ever built, cruising speed of Mach 2.02 and they were retired from service in 2003). The TU-244 being built by Russian company Tupolev has a set goal of Mach 3 and will be set for launch in 2015.

Artist's Rendering of Terraformed Mars

For aerospace there is also the matter of the NASA space shuttle which will be retired in 2010, after 31 years of ferrying astronauts back and forth from Earth's orbit. To replace the space shuttle NASA (and international partners from 15 other nations) are planning to a Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) capable of performing the same tasks the space shuttle did, but also of landing on the moon and traveling to Mars as part of Project Constellation.

As of August 2009 we have two functioning robots on Mars: the Spirit rover and the Opportunity rover. By 2012 there will be 4 more missions by the United States, Canada, Russia and China to collect soil samples and send back info to earth. Because Mars' and Earth's orbits are different the optimal launch windows to Mars are every 780 days. NASA has plans to begin terraforming Mars by 2030 and manned colony missions by 2040. Russia and China have made similar claims, but all three are subject to budgetary restraints rather than technology.

In recent years there has also been a significant rise in space tourism and many independent companies building their own smaller space shuttles with plans to ferry people into orbit, give them a tour of a couple hours, and then return back to earth. The technology is there and its certainly profitable, but it doesn't really serve a logical purpose beyond helping to expand scientific research in the field of aerospace.

Conclusions? We are so close to having all the food, water, shelter, medicine, transportation, robots and clean energy we could ever want. With some time and investment we could be living in a technological utopia.

Becoming Invisible

Invisibility has been on humanity's wish list at least since Egyptian times. With recent advances in optics and computing however, this elusive goal is no longer purely imaginary.

Last spring, Susumu Tachi, an engineering professor at the University of Tokyo, demonstrated a crude invisibility cloak. Through the clever application of some dirt-cheap technology, the Japanese inventor has brought personal invisibility a step closer to reality.

Tachi's cloak - a shiny raincoat that serves as a movie screen, showing imagery from a video camera positioned behind the wearer - is more gimmick than practical prototype. Nonetheless, from the right angle and under controlled circumstances, it does make a sort of ghost of the wearer. And, unlike traditional camouflage, it's most effective when either the wearer or the background is moving (but not both). You don't need a university lab to check it out: Stick a webcam on your back and hold your laptop in front of you, screen facing out. Your friends will see right through you. It's a great party trick.

Such pathetic parlor trick demonstrations aren't going to fool anyone for more than a fraction of a second. Where is Harry Potter's cloak, wrapped around the student wizard as he wanders the halls of Hogwarts undetected? What about James Bond's disappearing Aston-Martin in Die Another Day? The extraterrestrial camouflage suit in the 1987 movie Predator? Wonder Woman's see-through Atlantean jet? It's not difficult to imagine a better system than Tachi's. In fact, invisibility that would satisfy any wizard - not to mention any spy, thief, or soldier - is closer than you might think.

US Defense Department press releases citing "adaptive," "advanced," and "active" camouflage suggest that the government is working on devices like this. If so, it's keeping them under wraps. However, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has published a preliminary design for an invisible vehicle, and battalions of armchair engineers have weighed in with gusto on newsgroups and blogs. As it happens, most of the schemes that have been advanced overlook the complexities of the problem. Invisibility isn't a simple matter of sensors that read the light beams on one side of an object and LEDs or LCDs that reproduce those beams on the other. In fact, such a system would work about as well as the laptop party trick with the webcam's lens removed: Objects right up against the sensors would produce blurry images on the display, but a few centimeters away they'd disintegrate into a featureless gray haze.

An invisibility cloak, if it's going to dupe anyone who might see it, needs to represent the scene behind its wearer accurately from any angle. Moreover, since any number of people might be looking through it at any given moment, it has to reproduce the background from all angles at once. That is, it has to project a separate image of its surroundings for every possible perspective.

Impossible? Not really, just difficult. Rather than one video camera, we'll need at least six stereoscopic pairs (facing forward, backward, right, left, upward, and downward) - enough to capture the surroundings in all directions. The cameras will transmit images to a dense array of display elements, each capable of aiming thousands of light beams on their own individual trajectories. And what imagery will these elements project? A virtual scene derived from the cameras' views, making it possible to synthesize various perspectives. Of course, keeping this scene updated and projected realistically onto the cloak's display fabric will require fancy software and a serious wearable computer.

Many of the technical hurdles have already been overcome. Off-the-shelf miniature color cameras can serve as suitable light sensors. As for the display, to remain unseen at a Potteresque distance of, say, 2 meters, the resolution need not be much finer than the granularity of human vision at that distance (about 289 pixels per square centimeter). LEDs this size are readily available. Likewise, color isn't a problem - 16-bit displays are common and ought to suffice.

But it will take more than off-the-shelf parts to make the cloak's image bright enough to blend in with the daytime sky. If the effect is to work in all lighting conditions, the display must be able to reproduce anything from the faintest flicker of color perceptible to the human eye (1 milliwatt per square meter) to the glow of the open sky (150 watts per square meter). Actually, the problem is worse than that: According to Rich Gossweiler at HP Labs, the sun is 230,000 times more intense than the sky surrounding it. If we want the cloak to be able to pass in front of the sun without looking hazy or casting shadows, we'll need to make it equally bright. Of course, this would put severe demands on the display technology - LEDs just ain't that brilliant - and it would increase battery size or shrink battery life accordingly. So let's ignore the sun and take our chances. An average TV screen looks blank in full daylight, so we'll need something brighter, more along the lines of a traffic light.

Another problem is response time. Like a TV screen, the cloak's display must be able to update faster than the eye's ability to perceive flickering. It has to register motion in real time without the blurring, ghosting, smearing, and judder that plague today's low-end monitors. A laptop LCD screen isn't going to cut it. A lattice of superbright LED microarrays probably will.

The real challenge however is turning the video images into a realistic picture. The view from a pair of cameras strapped to your body is different from the perspective of an observer even a short distance away. The observer can see things the cameras can't, thanks to parallax - the way the angles change with the distance.

TeraGo Networks Cloud Services Business Center: Where Data Lives

TeraGo Networks data center cloud services

Recently the Toronto tech community has been buzzing about TeraGo Networks Cloud Services Business Center in Mississauga. The excitement is due in part to an Open House event that happened on the 14th of May 2015 which brought in a couple hundred IT managers, photographers and reporters from the ever expanding Brampton Toronto tech corridor where the new facility is located.

TeraGo Networks Cloud Service for business was featured on Backbone Magazine blog last week and the Cloud Service Center Open House was in Toronto is Awesome the week before that.

The #WhereDataLives event was designed to showcase the enormous facility that was originally designed by Blackberry. The location was profiled by Nikki Fotheringham in Greenmoxie: Green Clouds In Canada.

At 4 pm the doors opened and attendees entered the space and selected nutritious snacks from among a vast array of bite-sized cuisine carried about on polished wooden trays. The smell of freshly toasted nibbles filled the facility as over one hundred guests mingled about in a sunny reception area that was decorated with tall trees lit from below with purple LED sconces - a nice effect. CityEvents dressed in a few high-top tables and chairs on the periphery of the affair, but elected not to fill the room with folding chairs thus encouraging livelier networking. The SURROUND Internet Marketing Agency blog post Party in the Cloud detailed some of the logistics surrounding of the special event.

gas asphixiation system

TereGo Networks Open House featured two notable speakers, the first was TeraGo Networks CEO and President Stewart Lyons, who was followed by Philbert Shih of Structure Research. These dignitaries gave an overview of the industry and highlighted TeraGo's many offerings - the firm provides a broad suite of server, storage and network services with extensive granularity. This enables users to leverage the cloud for many reasons ranging from small developer tests to high performance, high availability platforms supporting mission critical applications.

Where Data Lives

Where Data Lives at TeraGo Networks

Most folks came because they were genuinely curious about the Twitter hashtag #WhereDataLives; they really wanted to see where their data is stored (or will be stored), and try to get a better grasp of what's involved in the business of offering cloud services in Canada. After signing up for the tour, participants were issued group numbers and small white cards with cryptic messages like, 'At 5:15pm meet at the elevator bank“. It felt like a scavenger hunt and instilled excitement in all attendees anticipating discovering for themselves a truly forbidden place.

The tour times were accelerated by Deb Lewis of City Events. After Phil's speech she came over the airwaves and called for the tours to get started right away which caused some happy confusion at the elevators as big groups had to break apart and rendezvous again in the lobby before leaving the building to stroll about the grounds and behold the external power facilities.

Having a constant supply of electricity is extremely important to data centers of course, as the cloud can never go dark or service will be lost, and that’s unacceptable to any online business that wants to stay in business online.

IT World Canada wrote an article about TeraGo Networks Data Center outlining the elements of the facility including the power station at the back of the building. A white concrete shed at the rear of the building hosts ten 600 kVa generators currently sitting idle but which can be running full throttle and generating power at maximum capacity in less than two minutes. The facility has state-of-the-art UPS or Uninterrupted Power Supply technology which provides high density, true double-conversion on-line power protection for servers, voice / data networks.

TeraGo Networks Tour of Mississauga colocation facility, 14 May 2015

With cabling up top and power below its a clean looking room, even when lit with strange purple LED lights. The interior of the cabinet room has been laid out in a warm aisle, cold aisle configuration with 2N cooling infrastructure that includes chilled water towers and closed glycol loop, and independent air-cooled rooftop cooling units and fourteen 30-tonne CRAC units, supporting 1470 kVa.

Terago Networks Mississauga Data Center

TeraGo ensures all your data is stored in the right environment. Every cabinet includes both A and B power and can support up to 42 rack units each. The railings are depth adjustable, allowing tenants to customize the space needed for their equipment. TeraGo Network's new Mississauga data center is a Tier 3 capable facility equipped with 2N power, cooling and connectivity infrastructure, to provide very high levels of reliability, and they pride themselves on customer support and security. TeraGo Networks ensures your business data has never been more secure.

Article by , 27 May 2015

Building Your Own Business Equipment or Furniture

There are times when your manufacturing and even your office employees might consider creating furniture or equipment for your business instead of going out and buying it completely ready-made. A good example of this is when workers need a custom piece for storage or manufacturing transport.

Here are some tips on building your own furniture or equipment as a company:

A pyramid is only as strong as its base:

Whether your equipment is intended to be stationary or mobile, it is a good idea to look at purchasing wheels like toolbox casters so that you can move your new piece of furniture when necessary. Be certain to consider how much weight you will need to support with the piece of equipment that you are building. Some casters can hold 300 pounds, while others can hold 3000. Another thing to keep in mind when you are adding pieces to your equipment is that casters that have locking brakes are preferable to those that do not have any.

Components are helpful:

Your company accountants know that it is easier to calculate the cost of your equipment when you purchase components and put them together. As each finished piece that you make is going to be depreciable, the greater the proportion of modular systems that went into the equipment, the easier it is to get an exact price that the company can start from. Another helpful thing about components is that they are often separately warrantied, making it easy for your workers to file a claim if the parts break or stop working.

You may be on to something:

It may sound strange to focus on building something for the support of your main process- and then start selling what you created as a completely different product, but it has happened. Netscape, the software company, developed a helpdesk server for use with their IT people. Later that helpdesk server became one of the most popular tools in the industry. So it is possible to create something that you need that doesn't exist, with an eye towards selling it if other people find it useful. If you are the designer, it is therefore a good idea to show your company marketing and sales people what you are doing because they will probably have the best understanding of whether or not your clients already have what you are building.

What Should I Look For In A Digital Signage Company?

In today's world, more and more business owners are realizing that technology can be used to build their brands. One form of technology you should definitely consider using for the purpose of sharing your product or service line with others is digital signage. If you've already thought about obtaining digital signage services and want to know how to locate the ideal company, this is the article for you. Utilize the information found in this quick reference guide to ensure that you find the right digital signage company:

1. A Great Reputation.

One of the first things you should look for in a digital signage company is a great reputation. This step is important because the signage firms who maintain a positive public image typically do so because they consistently offer ethical, excellent services. There are numerous ways that you can learn whether a digital signage company is reputable or not. One is by reviewing the company's online reviews. A signage firm that regularly receives positive feedback from former customers will typically offer you the cutting edge, customized services you're seeking.

Another step you can take to learn whether a digital signage company has a good reputation is checking their Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. A company with an A rating or higher is generally a reputable institution.

2. Industry Experience.

In addition to seeking out a digital signage company with a great reputation, make sure you select a firm whose professionals have extensive industry experience. Ideally, you want to work with a signage firm that has been successfully operating for ten years or longer. This industry experience will typically equip the staff with the knowledge and "know-how" necessary to assist you quickly and correctly.

3. Fair Prices.

Another attribute you should look for in a digital signage company is fair prices. If you're like most business owners, you have a budget and don't want to break the bank to attain the excellent signage services you deserve. To ensure that this doesn't happen, be sure to compare and contrast the prices of several companies before you purchase products and services from anyone.

4. Comprehensive Services And Products.

One final attribute you should look for in a digital signage company is comprehensive services. Specifically, you want to select a company that is able to offer you a wide range of products and services. One such product would be the digital signage server. Products like the QL server will function as the backend application that centralizes the content manager users and players. Be sure that the company offers a wide range of applications, including:

• Digital Displays
• Content triggering
• Digital Menu Boards
• Information display systems
• Elevator displays
• Interactive Digital Signage
• LED Displays
• KPI and dashboards
• Meeting Room Displays
• Storefront window displays
• Message & social media boards
• Touch Display
• Tablet and Mobile
• Wayfinding
• Video walls & multi-display

Also try to find a digital company that can offer online marketing services. Services like social media optimization will empower you to enhance your internet presence by ensuring that you can interface with prospective customers through key platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Some of the other online advertising services a digital firm might offer include:

• Content marketing
• Search engine optimization
• Online reputation management
• Web design and development
• Responsive web design
• Email marketing

Find The Right Digital Signage Company Now!

If you're ready to take your business into a new dimension of excellence, using digital signage services is a good idea. To ensure that you can attain the great signage services you deserve, it's important to know what to look for in a company. Some of the attributes that the best signage companies will have include a great reputation, industry experience, fair prices, and comprehensive services and products. Once you find a digital signage company that has all of these attributes, it's safe to say that you've found a winner!

There's a Smart Way to Shop for Side By Side Vehicle Parts

If you have been at a loss as to where to find the best quality Side By Side vehicle parts, take notice. It's no fun spending all day, or a series of days, on a wild goose chase. You don't want to drive all around town - or have to widen the circle to include the several nearest towns - just to find the parts you need to complete your repairs. No one wants to waste valuable time, money, and gas on what may in the end prove to be a wasted trip.

When It's Time To Buy Parts, You Need to Learn to Shop Smart

There's a huge difference between knowing how to shop hard and learning how to shop smart. This is a difference that you will get to know up close and personal when you go on your quest for Side By Side vehicle parts. Even though Side By Side vehicles are becoming more popular and prevalent with each passing year, there is still a serious lack of reliable vendors who specialize in providing parts. This is a shortage that can lead to some very bad decisions on the part of uninformed shoppers.

Why Are You Spending All Day Shopping Instead of Enjoying Your Vehicle?

At the end of the day, you should have spent a few enjoyable hours out on the roads or in the wilds. You should have spent the day having fun in your Side By Side vehicle. If this wasn't the case, something is wrong. It may have been that you were too busy shopping for UTV racks to actually have any time left over to enjoy riding in the vehicle you were buying the parts for. This is a serious imbalance that needs immediate correction.

Shopping for Parts on the Web is the Quick and Easy Solution

Instead of wasting your entire day shopping for parts, why not relax and enjoy a quick and easy shopping trip from the comfort and security of your own home? When you know how to surf the web for Side By Side vehicle parts, you don't even have to get off your couch. Shopping smart beats shopping hard. A quick search for Side By Side vehicle parts will reveal places on the web where you can order your parts and then get on with your day.

Getting All of the Supplies You Need for Your Factory with One-Stop Online Purchases

Your factory relies on a host of gear and equipment for its operation. You may not even realize the full extent of inventory that you need to stay operational until you run out of one of the items or one of the machinery components stop working. When you want to stay up and running, it it crucial that you keep your factory well-stocked with parts like filters and hoses and supplies like janitorial rolls and safety cones. You can find these items and more when you shop now on the website today.

Machinery Parts

Your factory's machines arguably take center stage in your business's everyday operations. These machines are vital to your profits as well as your ability to meet your clients' orders and deadlines. When a single machine goes down, you must stop production or at least slow down your operations until the machine is repaired.

When you shop on the website, you get fast access to parts like belts, hoses, tubing, and much more, all of which can be used in industrial machinery and are designed to fit most of the modern machines found in factories today. You can click on the appropriate categories on the website to find out more about the items for sale now. You can also click on the pictures to get specifications like how big they are, what machines they go with, and what purposes they carry out when they are connected.

Janitorial Supplies

Your factory's productivity and success depends as well on how clean you keep it. If you allow debris, grime, and fluids to spill out onto your machinery and floors, you risk your employees' safety as well as the overall function of your machines.

Rather than head out to local stores to buy towels, safety cones, and more, you can get everything you need to keep your factory clean, sanitary, and safe by shopping on the website for janitorial supplies. You can choose from rolls of towels to orange cones to put around spills and sensitive areas. These supplies are priced on par with what you would pay at local retailers.

Your factory's productivity and profit depend greatly on what kinds of parts and supplies you keep on hand for repairs, upgrades, and cleanups. Instead of relegating your choices to local stores, you can get everything you need to keep your factory up and running by shopping on the website today.

What Can Adding E-commerce Features Do For Your Online Business?

When it comes to doing business on the Web, you've got to be extra vigilant. The Internet is not a static environment. New trends are appearing all the time. You have to be on the lookout to spot these new trends, whether these are new developments in SEO or in the software that you use to power your official company website. One of the areas in which changes take place with extreme regularity is website design. If you aren't able to show the public an efficient and easily navigable website, they will quickly lose interest.

How Can You Upgrade Your Website To Keep Drawing In New Visitors?

When it comes to drawing in new visitors to your site, you'll need to use all of the latest software. This is especially true in regard to e-commerce software. Making use of the best new online shopping cart software is the way to keep your website fresh and exciting to the public. Hundreds of millions of people do their shopping on the Web on a daily basis. It's up to you to use all the tools at your disposal to tap into this huge market.

The best way to do so is to make sure that your website has all of the tools you will need to sell your goods directly to the public. This means installing a web store and shopping cart. This way, your customers will have the ability to purchase items from your store by making use of their Paypal account or credit card. Giving them this opportunity increases your chances of making sales and will certainly increase your profits in a very short amount of time. This is the most effective way to ensure a bright and abundant future for your business.

You Can Dazzle The Public With A Fully Modern E-commerce Website

Part of selling goods and services to the public is catching their interest long enough for you to make the sale. You can do so by offering them something bright, shiny, and attractive to look at. A brand new website, fully equipped with modern e-commerce features, is an excellent way to do this. Not only are you giving them something nice to look at, but you are also giving them something substantial to come back to on a regular basis. This is the best way to draw their attention and their ultimate loyalty.

Customer Loyalty Is The Backbone Of Your Profitability As A Business

It's always an excellent idea to remember that your customers form the backbone of your business. Without their loyalty, you will very quickly find yourself without a business to promote. Your number one goal as a business owner should be to find out what draws their attention, as well as what they want to see on your website as far as convenience is concerned. Adding e-commerce software, such as a web store and shopping cart, is an excellent first step in this direction.

The Immeasurable Importance of Biohazard Cleaners

While it is often considered an unorthodox profession, biohazard cleanup is crucial for preventing the spread of disease and other health threats. There have been many recent cases of bacterial outbreaks, and it is the responsibility of a biohazard team to tend to the situation and maintain safety measures.

Biohazard Cleanup Teams in Action

Less than a year ago, there was an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in Chicago. The bacteria were traced back to a hot tub in a local fitness center, where they had managed to enter into the water system. This type of bacteria can easily spread through the inhalation of water vapor or mist. The disease causes fever and chills, and it can eventually cause a person to succumb to pneumonia. If a biohazard team had not intervened, then the outbreak in Chicago may have led to devastating consequences.

Thankfully, cleaners were able to handle the situation. They shut the hot tub down and gave it a thorough scouring. Clean water coupled with high levels of chlorine was also pumped through the plumbing system to disinfect the pipes. By chemically treating the fitness center on a regular basis, the bacteria were prevented from growing back.

Other Situations That Demand Biohazard Cleanup

Crime scenes are also breeding grounds for biological hazards. A biohazard team must properly tend to every situation to eliminate any potential health risks. Bloodshed often results from violent crimes, causing people to be exposed to a variety of blood-borne pathogens, including HIV, hepatitis, and MRSA.

When a violent crime occurs outdoors, you may think you can simply hose off the blood. Water alone, though, is not strong enough to eliminate the pathogens. Even bleach is not a sufficient way to sanitize an area. It takes the right mixture of cleaning agents to clear a location of harmful bacteria and diseases. In many cases, a surface must be saturated with a disinfectant for a long period of time before it is considered clean. A surface with hepatitis, for instance, must be left wet for at least ten minutes before it can be considered harmless.

The Life of a Biohazard Cleaner

Biohazard cleanup may be an atypical profession, but such a distinction should not undermine its tremendous importance. As evidenced by the disease outbreak in Chicago, biohazard cleaners can prevent biological dangers from putting civilians’ health at risk. Furthermore, whenever a violent crime occurs, a cleanup team is capable of eliminating any pathogens from spreading. The life of a biohazard cleaner is a storied one, filled with many instances of heroic action.

How New Technology saves you money by not using your Cell Phone

Over 90 percent of the adults in America currently own a cell phone. Even when traveling to foreign lands, people can still use a cell phone to contact their friends and family. However, a mobile phone bill will require a person to adjust their monthly budget. Here are some effective ways to reduce the cost of owning a cell phone.

Take advantage of Wi-Fi availability Many cell phone plans have a limit placed on data usage. Instead of spending extra money by going over the limit, mobile phone users should use public Wi-Fi networks whenever possible. Some of the places that provide free Wi-Fi access include restaurants, coffee shops, hospitals, gyms, and shopping malls. Connecting to a Wi-Fi source at home is also an excellent way to save money.

Use text apps

Each day, millions of people can be seen sending text messages with their cell phone. If the mobile phone user does not have an unlimited text messaging plan, there is a good chance that they will go over the set limit. Luckily, there are online apps available that allow cell phone users to text for free. After downloading the free app, the person will be able to send and receive a limitless number of messages.

Forgo cell phone insurance coverage

In the event that a person loses or breaks their cell phone, the insurance provider will replace the device. However, the cost to insure a mobile phone typically ranges from $100 to $250 a year. This extra money can be used to pay other important bills. If someone happens to lose their mobile phone, they can buy a used version for a very affordable price. While some people are able to find great deals on websites like craigslist, others have been able to find discounted phones at the local pawn shop. However, make sure that the phone’s electronic serial number is clear before making a purchase.

Use a prepaid SIM card

Cell phone rates are usually a lot more expensive when traveling abroad. Many travelers are able to save money by using prepaid SIM cards. Once the cell phone user swaps in the new SIM card, they can use the Internet and make phone calls for a very inexpensive cost. Companies such as HolidayPhone make a variety of different sized SIM cards.

Make calls from a computer

There are quite a few online programs that enable people to make calls from their computer. This will drastically reduce the need to rely on a cell phone to make calls. If the laptop has a camera on it, the newest programs allow the users to make a video call.

Purchasing Electrical and Computer Diagnostic Equipment Online

Many people may not realize, but the scale at which electrical circuits and mechanical parts can go to can be quite small. As technology progresses, engineers are able to develop computer equipment that is thinner, smaller, lighter, and yet more complex than previous generations of technology. This shift in size can be quite efficient, but it does make it harder to provide a diagnostic analysis. Indeed, complex scientific tools are often needed to measure and visually see how this electrical equipment is working. Without this equipment, a technician could not analyze these smaller computing units with the naked eye. In order to better analyze and diagnose specific electrical equipment, businesses will need to purchase different types of diagnostic machines. Luckily, the internet has a few options.

Thanks to e-commerce, businesses big and small can access an array of equipment that is necessary to perform their diagnostic analysis. E-commerce is the programming that allows people and businesses to purchase goods online. With the rise of e-commerce, new online businesses can start and build inventory all while they conduct all of their transactions online. This helps to drive down costs for these competitively priced machines that can be quite expensive from other sources.

This is particularly important for small businesses that want to provide technical diagnostic analysis to the latest technology. Often these smaller firms cannot compete with bigger firms that offer diagnostic analysis. These online vendors help a multitude of small businesses catapult into the electrical diagnostic sector without needing to invest in immense capital.

So, what kind of measurements are needed? Objects like circuit boards may require special x-ray or microscopic machines to measure electrical activity or to see if there is physical damage to the products. None of this is possible with the naked eye since these parts are constructed at an extremely small scale. For example, video measurement systems like the XT-1000 VMU are desktop computers connected to highly technical microscopes that can measure extremely thin slides of metal. Such equipment is essential for engineers and computer scientists who are either developing or repairing the thin metal parts to complex machines.

New or small engineering technician businesses can search online for good deals on the best electrical and computing diagnostic equipment. With this equipment, technician businesses can thrive and provide very important diagnostic and analytical services to engineering businesses across the country.

Getting Your Military Gear Quickly

Any good team has a support system in place for when something breaks down or someone gets hurt. On the battlefield, it is going to be important to give cover to a unit that is under attack or for forces who have been injured in battle. After a battle is over, it is critical that equipment can be repaired as soon as possible to avoid losing the tactical advantage that equipment provides.

Get Only the Highest Quality Supplies

A military unit only wants to get the highest quality supplies. If something breaks or does not work like it should, it could wreak havoc on an entire country's ability to defend itself. While some may chalk it up to a learning experience for the soldier, it could waste valuable time that the military does not have. Therefore, it is critical that everything works like it should right out of the box.

Go Online to Get Supplies Quickly

Sites such as have everything that a military unit could need to keep themselves going. Whether a unit is going for a training exercise or is heading to the battlefield to offer tactical support for a domestic or foreign army, having access to supplies online is always beneficial because it takes less time for orders to be fulfilled.

Don't Let the Enemy Decide the Tactics

This means that the unit will have its equipment and other supplies in hours instead of days or weeks. Instead of having to wait around for a critical part, the unit can train or engage in battle on its terms. When a military is forced to spend time waiting, it takes away from development time or allows the enemy to dictate the terms of a battle. That can be the difference between winning decisively and having to retreat.

There is nothing better than a team that works well together out in the field. With the right equipment, those expert soldiers can accomplish anything that they want to do. Therefore, it is important that the military has a reliable part supplier to keep it running at full-strength at all times.

3 Ways to Improve Patient Loyalty

#1. Make yourself more available for patients via phone, email / internet.

These days patients are more demanding of their physicians and if they are not patient enough (pun intended) they will go online seeking additional advice or seeking a 2nd opinion from a different doctor. This means that if the doctor provides the additional service of being able to answer follow up questions over the phone or via email that patients will become LOYAL patients. For example Televox (a leading provider in doctor/patient communications since 1991) is an excellent way to allow patients to keep in touch with their doctors and improve their experience in between doctor visits. (Plus this can reduce the need for visits, giving the doctor more time.)

#2. Make house calls.

This is practically unheard of these days. Do you know a doctor who makes house calls? It is very rare. But when it happens you know that this doctor really cares about you and is willing to go the extra mile to help their patients. Which is a huge difference from the overworked doctors who are basically treating patients like numbers. Not that they don't care. They simply don't have the time to make house calls.

#3. A welcoming and helpful personality.

Honestly this is a bigger issue than many people care to admit. If you've ever walked out of a store due to their bad service, imagine doing the same in a doctor's office because the doctor had such a horrible bedside manner. Proper bedside manner is taught in university while doctors are studying, but to be fair it is not the focus of their studies and many young doctors end up having pretty poor bedside manner. A good bedside manner often comes with age and experience - but doctors looking to improve their patient loyalty would be wise to practice and improve the quality of the bedside manner. And in some cases, even just work on their old fashioned manners because some doctors are just plain rude.

Get the Proper Equipment for Fitness Requirements

Health-conscious individuals need to have the proper equipment to ascertain that they are getting the most out of their exercise routines. A valuable part of any fitness program is the possession of a heart rate monitor. These useful products will track an individual’s heart rate before, during and after various routines so that it will be easier to receive optimum results. provides a wide selection of devices that can be an important part of any exercise program. Besides products that monitor an individual’s heart rate, the website also features blood pressure monitors and a number of supplies such as water bottles, heating pads, yoga equipment, sanitizers, altimeters, GPS systems, stopwatches, backpacks and running shoes.

Whether an exercise program is basic or involves rigorous training for an athletic competition, a heart rate monitor will be a valuable piece of equipment to own. Monitors are available with as many or as few features as are needed, depending on the type of exercise program involved. The way that the website is set up, it will be easy to find specific models that cater to various requirements, such as weight loss, the maximizing of performance or an increase in fitness level.

Heart rate monitors come in many styles, including units that attach to the wrist, can be worn on a belt or carried in a purse, or can be mounted on a bike. Monitors are also made that are geared toward specific activities, such as special models for cyclists, runners, swimmers or triathletes. Specific models are also made especially for women and can be found in a variety of attractive colors.

Heart Rate Monitors USA can provide a health-conscious individual with a number of brand names from which to choose that include Garmin, Polar USA, Suunto USA, Omron Healthcare and Timex. Heart rate devices are even available for horses that are being trained to race.

Monitors in a variety of price ranges are provided on the website. Regardless of an individual’s budget or requirements, there is a model that will be the right price and will also have the specific features for any activity level or exercise program.

Learn more about heart rate monitors and other fitness equipment by visiting A good exercise routine is important for everyone. The proper fitness equipment can make it that much easier to reach the necessary activity levels for optimum fitness and health.

Enhancing Energy Management Strategies with Data and Technology

Energy management is an important component to the success of a business. Frivolous energy usage can lead to spikes in operational costs, which can be detrimental. To avoid such occurrences, there are certain management strategies that can be utilized, including data and technology. With the rise in technological advances, this form of management can prove to be very beneficial.

Data and Technology Management Strategy

Data and technology management sets itself apart from other management strategies because it allows for real time analysis. Other management solutions look at and analyze reports of previous energy use to determine inefficiencies and to come up with ways to fix those issues. Though it can be effective in the aftermath, there is still a large period of inefficiency between when the problem is noticed and when the solution is found and implemented. Utilizing data and technology to manage energy allows businesses to examine their outputs in real time and fix problems as soon as problems occur, saving energy and money.


There are a few different ways that companies can benefit from the use of data and technology strategies. Being able to identify and address a problem immediately helps to save resources and expenses, reducing operation costs. In turn, the increased efficiency can help to boost efficiency and those resources can be reallocated to other uses, which can contribute to greater revenue. Such practices also help to increase the company’s sustainability while reducing its emissions, making it more environmentally friendly.

Ways of Implementation

Some may be surprised by how easy it is to employ data and technology strategies. Today’s technology is meant to be easy to understand and implement, and so utilizing such strategies can be quite simple. Programs such as SiteSage Systems allow companies to manage and analyze data in one central location. Companies may also choose to utilize management companies to collect and sort the data if they do not have staff on hand to complete such tasks. Putting such efforts into place can be a bit of a pricy investment, however the long term savings help either choice to pay for itself over time.

Proper energy management strategies can help any business to thrive. Data and technology strategies allow businesses to meet energy inefficiencies head on, reducing costs and increasing sustainability quickly. This can have strong benefits for the company and community alike. These strategies are also simple to implement and pay for themselves in the end. With such strong benefits it is easy to see why so many companies are incorporating these strategies in their energy management endeavors.

Relying on Quality Manufacturing of Industrial Goods

The machines that you use in your factory are important to your profitability and survival. When a piece of machinery breaks down, it is vital that you get it repaired or replaced quickly. You can make the repairs or replacements with confidence when you partner with a company that offers machining that involves specialties CNC turning to their clients. You can learn more about these specialties by going online and researching the certifications and qualifications of the machine shop with which you have partnered.

Before you invest in a machine or a part, you may want to see what it will look and function like. The machine shop can create prototypes that will help you understand what the finished result will look like once the machinists have completed their work. You can handle the prototype and examine it up close. This scrutiny will allow you to feel more comfortable about putting your money into such an investment for your own company.

You can also do research online and find out what kind of equipment the machine shop will use to create your product. For example, if your product calls for the use of a band saw, you can find out at what stage the saw will be used. You can click on the pictures in the gallery to get an idea of what the shop looks like and what might go on during the creation of your machines and parts. Seeing the process in pictures may allow you to feel like you are more in charge of your investment for your factory.

You can also feel in charge of the process by learning more about the machine shop itself. Using the website, you can click on the About link and read about the company and when it got started. You can also learn about its specialties in what kinds of parts and machines it creates. If you have specific questions about the company or its creation process, the website of the machine shop makes available a number of different contact options. You can call the company directly or you can use one of the two provided email addresses to contact the company. The emails come in handy if you have concerns about your purchases in particular. Your factor relies on good machines and parts. A partnership with a qualify machine shop can benefit you.

Why Isn't My Business Generating More Revenue?

Oftentimes, business owners take a look at their books and realize that their conversion rates have come to a standstill. If you've recently had this revelation, you may now find yourself wondering what caused the standstill. Unfortunately, there are a wide range of business behaviors that you may be engaging in which detract from your company's money-making potential. Some of them include:

1. You Haven't Replaced Your Old Equipment.

One great way to keep a business functioning optimally is by regularly updating equipment. Unfortunately, many corporate leaders overlook this important step. In so doing, they detract from the aesthetic appeal and functionality of their businesses. Nevertheless, you can turn it all around right now by getting in the habit of systematically having your equipment inspected and replaced when it is no longer functioning properly. If your company uses broadband products like the rf directional coupler, you can obtain new goods from businesses such as Werlatone.

2. You Aren't Advertising Online.

In many cases, businesses find that their conversion rates have stagnated or don't increase because they haven't optimized their advertising efforts. And if you're not advertising online, you can probably consider your current marketing plan substandard. Engaging your target market through online venues such as Twitter and Facebook is a wonderful way to optimize the brand recognition process and connect with prospective consumers who you haven't been able to reach through traditional marketing mechanisms. With this idea in mind, consider the value of hiring a digital firm that can analyze your brand and subsequently devise an identity-building online presence for you.

3. You're Neglecting Your Health.

It's unfortunate to note that America is a profoundly unhealthy country. In addition to having a negative impact on an individual's life, being unhealthy can drastically reduce your efficacy in the work place. With this idea in mind, it's important to ensure that you aren't compromising your business's progress due to lethargy, mood fluctuations, and other unwanted issues that surface when you neglect your health. Instead, get on the path to holistic wellness right now by implementing proven health optimization techniques. One of the best techniques to employ is exercise. Engaging in physical activity on a regular basis can lead to a wide range of wonderful health benefits, some of which include enhanced metabolism and better sleep.


If you want your conversion rates to remain on the incline, it's time to eliminate behaviors that detract from your business's ability to generate revenue. By reviewing the information found in this article, you can make the positive changes necessary to get your business back on the road to earning a steadily increasing bottom line.

Why Domain Name Registration Costs Matter

The cheapest domain name registration options do matter for more than one reason. Startups may plan to add new websites at later dates and want to secure the domains while they know they are available. Buying domains at low prices and reselling them is a profitable business sideline worth considering. Another reason to buy multiple low-priced domain names is to help protect your brand against infringement. Whenever purchasing multiple domains matter, cost control helps make a difference.

A Path to Later Expansion

Many companies have a need to run more than one website, especially if they have multiple product lines or distinct customer audiences. However, domains that contain words with a high search ranking are in high demand. Waiting to register a domain may result in your having less of a choice of options when you decide to have your sites go live. Choosing an affordable option that lets you register several domains you might need in advance is a good way to help ensure your later success. You can always use domains that you don't have hosting accounts with as redirects to your other sites.

Making Money With Domains

Domain names might end up being more profitable than you realize. Some company owners need domains that contain certain words but do not register these domains right away. If they need these domains, they might be very willing to pay a premium price for the deal domain if you list through a broker. Another good option to consider if you have the appropriate web design skills is creating an operational website to go along with the domain, which might be worth thousands. If you register extra domains for this purpose, you will get your money back with a profit when you sell the full website.

Protecting Your Brand

Any company owner knows that their brand is valuable and that they must take steps to protect it against infringement. However, many business owners must cope with people registering look or sound-alike domain names. These domains not only confuse customers who might end up confused about which site is correct, but are detrimental to a brand's image when they promote offensive or inappropriate material. Registering as many relevant domains as possible helps protect your company from the inappropriate use of its name. You will be able to help ensure that your company's brand reputation stays solid and recognizable all the time.

Always choose your primary domain name and its variants carefully. You never want to leave your customers in doubt about what your company does or whether they're on the right site. The right domains will help secure your place online and allow customers to find you easily.

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