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Netscape Navigator Tombstone

By Charles Moffat - August 2009.

Since the rise of the internet, web browsers have changed dramatically over time.

The oldest of them was "WorldWideWeb", the world's first web browser which was launched in February 1991. The internet at the time was a tiny place. It wasn't until 1994 with the launch of Netscape Navigator that the internet started to take off in popularity (the number of world wide internet users increased to 15 million by 1995).

Opera also first came out in 1994, Internet Explorer came out in 1995... along with a host of other web browsers, all trying to offer something that the others don't have. None of them required any equipment financing and leasing to run which was good too.

Firefox Shirt Sexy

But it wasn't until 2004 when Firefox came out that internet browsers became completely customizable... and easily updatable.

You see the problem with a lot of web browsers is that many of them don't accept a lot of software plugins. Firefox however is designed with plugins in mind so that users can use whatever plugins they want and add extra gadgets to their browser.

Indeed there are over 8000 different plugins a person can add to their Firefox browser.

Worse, certain web browsers (Internet Explorer for example) can't read some website scripts and has a tendency to crash regularly. This doesn't mean Firefox doesn't crash, but Firefox comes with a backup memory so if your browser crashes it remembers the websites you were last on so you can just restart the browser and automatically reload those pages.

The problem however is that Firefox is not the standard software. It doesn't come with a computer when people buy it. Internet Explorer (owned by Microsoft) does however. To make an ice cream metaphor IE is essentially the "vanilla" of the web browsers. Firefox, because its customizable, is whatever flavours you want it to be.

Trashing Internet Explorer

If you work in the internet business (as a website designer or whatever you may be), or if you are internet savvy, Firefox has become the new standard. Only people who are well-nigh computer illiterate (ie. our Baby Boomer parents) still use Internet Explorer or even Netscape Navigator. Mostly because they don't know there is a better program out there, and also because they're typically the type of person who has NEVER downloaded and installed a new program because they're so afraid of breaking their computer or accidentally installing a virus.

The younger generation (the Nintendo generation if you prefer to call us that) are used to downloading and installing software. We're not afraid to try new things and customize our computers.

Lets take desktops for example... a lot of people never change their desktop image. They don't even know how to because they're afraid to play with the personal settings. If they are lucky one of their kids has changed the background image for them after getting tired of looking at the standard Windows desktop all the time.

Firefox Eating IE

Furthermore some websites simply look better in different browsers. Hence why we at the Lilith eZine have determined that our websites look BEST in Firefox. Don't believe us? Download Firefox and try it out.

Or download Google Chrome, Opera, Maxthon, Camino, SeaMonkey, Safari, Amaya, Flock, Konqueror, NetSurf or Sputnik. The point is you shouldn't be restricted to the standard vanilla browser. Vanilla is boring. Try something different.

Sure, you could stick with the standard browser, the one Microsoft sold you when you bought your computer... but you're not really maximizing your experience on the internet that way. Speaking for ourselves the lack of headaches when using Firefox is reason enough to use it.

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